Children’s book series Lighthouse of Adventure

The Author

Kinderbuch-AutorKarim Pieritz, born 1971 in Berlin, Germany, lives and works there as a freelance writer. He wrote his first adventure stories as a fifth grader and has been writing short stories ever since. After studying Telecommunications, he worked as an IT consultant, but he so often had no time for writing. But his son always wanted to hear new tales of adventure from him …

That woke his inspiration and suddenly he had created a living universe full of magic. So he started writing stories about a magical world and published them successfully in Germany. He  now plans to publish his popular adventure stories also in English.

The new series is for first-graders who can read whole sentences. This book is written in short sentences on 30 pages. A quiz at the end helps to understand the plot. The books can be used as read-aloud and as bedtime stories.

Children’s Book: The Magical Dinosaur Hunt

An exciting and funny reading pleasure for beginning readers with many illustrations.

Children's Book: The Magical Dinosaur HuntThe 8-year-old Michael is in a forest when a boy suddenly climbs out of a knothole. He is an elf with wings and his name is Nathaniel. He gives Michael a colorful flashlight and then disappears. Later, Michael looks into the light of the lamp and suddenly he is standing on a meadow on a strange planet. He meets Nathaniel, but then they are attacked by a dinosaur! See how Michael overcomes his fears and helps his new friend in their first adventure.

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Coloring Pages

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